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Bryan Goers
Apr 25, 2018

Tap Day 2018

Apr 25, 2018 by Bryan Goers

Congratulations to the 84 students, faculty, and staff who were tapped at this year's Tap Day Ceremony. 

Name Society Student or Honor Tap
Casey Edwards LSV Student
Randi Anderlik LSV Student
Kayla Meyers LSV Student
Emily Tarby LSV Student
Tessa Weinberg LSV Student
Robin Swink LSV Honor
Jenn Brown LSV Honor
Kelsie Wilkins Mortar Board Student
Erin Hediger Mortar Board Student
David Emily Mortar Board Student
Nola Tran Mortar Board Student
Amnda Blythe Mortar Board Student
Jane Kielhofner Mortar Board Student
Marlaina Kaine Mortar Board Student
Allie Starks Mortar Board Student
Ellie Stitzer Mortar Board Student
Jacey Schank Mortar Board Student
Bryan Mink Mortar Board Student
Alexander Galvin Mortar Board Student
Brittney Marshall Mortar Board Student
Faramola Shonekan Mortar Board Student
James Ball Mortar Board Student
Brett Ulery Mortar Board Honor
Carli Conklin Mortar Board Honor
Amber Cheek Mortar Board Honor
Kaelyn Sturgell  Mystical Seven Student
Mikaela O-Barr Mystical Seven Student
Alexa St. Julian  Mystical Seven Student
Abas Pauti  Mystical Seven Student
Emma Lohman Mystical Seven Student
Ashley Hollis Mystical Seven Student
Marshall Allen Mystical Seven Student
Chris Walters Mystical Seven Honor
Donald Gilliam Mystical Seven Honor
Jeff Perkins Mystical Seven Honor
Dr. Tojan Rahhal Mystical Seven Honor
Megan Bartolac ODK Student
Christian Cmehil-Warn ODK Student
Christopher Dade ODK Student
Jordyn Eskijian ODK Student
Ashley Fessler ODK Student
Alexandra Greenspun ODK Student
Cassidy Herring ODK Student
Tyler Hoffmann ODK Student
Anna Jaoudi ODK Student
Alexander Johar ODK Student
Cady Lowery ODK Student
Mercedes Mackay ODK Student
Bree Minger ODK Student
Armaan Painter ODK Student
Abigail Peoples ODK Student
Delaney Pummill ODK Student
Rachel Quist ODK Student
Kelsey Robertson ODK Student
MacKinlee Rogers ODK Student
Brooke Saharovici ODK Student
Sarah Senff ODK Student
Michaela Thomson ODK Student
Greer Wetherington ODK Student
Lexie Winter ODK Student
Jordan Young ODK Student
Bill Turpin ODK Honor
Brian Maurer ODK Honor
Anne Tenkhoff QEBH Student
Matt Swing QEBH Student
Larissa Babiak QEBH Student
Allison Holmes QEBH Student
Gretchen Metzger QEBH Student
Joseph Kimerle QEBH Student
Kimberly Woods QEBH Student
Dr. Amy Knopps QEBH Honor
Brad Loos QEBH Honor
Dr. Kevin McDonald QEBH Honor
Dean Barton Wechsler  Rollins Honor
Na’Tashua Davis Rollins Honor
Dr. Michelle Teti Rollins Honor
Tiffanesha Williams Rollins Student
Leslie Touzeau Rollins Student
Hallie Thompson  Rollins Student
Sarah Senff  Rollins Student
Oscar Rojas Perez  Rollins Student
Veronica Newton Rollins Student
Alexander Howe Rollins Student
Sarah Cramer Rollins Student