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Hello Student Dietetic Association!  The 2018-2019 SDA Executive Board would like to welcome all current and new members!
SDA is an organization dedicated to promoting and educating the community about leading healthy lifestyles through proper diet and exercise. We have a lot of great and fun ideas for socials, events, and volunteer opportunities for this coming year. Along with that, we are planning to collaborate with other organizations at FIU and look to work more with the community.
Being an active member of SDA not only looks great on your resume or portfolio, but you can also gain a lot of valuable experience that will be helpful in your future endeavors.  You can network and meet health professionals and other students with similar interests. The SDA is here to help you on your journey to becoming a registered dietitian.
We have an exciting new year ahead of us and we look forward to meeting and working with you all!
Best of luck,
2017-2018 Executive Board
President: Alexander Gonzalez
Vice President: Tiana Montalvo
Secretary: Susy Cohen
Treasurer: Nicholas Gonzalez
Event Coordinators: Andrea Gonzalez and Jair Alcivar
MAND and BAND Representative: Alexandra Briceno
CSO Representative/Fundraising Chair: Xavier Panchana
Public Relations Chair: Fabiana Caldera Boscan
*If interested in becoming a member of the Student Dietetic Association please e-email Alexander Gonzalez, the SDA president at:  Thank you!

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The Student Dietetic Association is an organization that increases awareness about the importance of leading healthy lifestyles through the use of food. We use our knowledge in dietetics and nutrition to teach the FIU community, along with the surrounding community, about healthy eating. We aspire to evolve SDA into an essential and valuable resource to FIU and to the community through our roles in: leadership, services, and education. Respecting that everyone has different interests, skills, and personalities, we work to combine everyone's abilities to impact community and other like minded groups, while creating lasting relationships.


Health & Wellness

Meeting Location

GC 150

President Name

Alexander Gonzalez

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Advisor Name

Tania Rivera

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