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Marie Cascarano
Sep 6, 2019

Take a study break!

Sep 6, 2019 by Marie Cascarano

Did you know that taking frequent breaks when you are studying or doing school work actually helps you be more productive?  Research shows that taking a 15 minute break after an hour of studying or working on an assignment, can increase focus and productivity. Use these tips to refresh your mind and help you become more productive.

  • Go outside. A brisk walk outside can do wonders to clear your mind, get your blood flowing, and help you loosen you up after being in one position for an extended time.
  • Listen to a short meditation. Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety.  Free guided sessions available on YouTube or through an app.  Tip: search for those in advance so you don’t spend your break looking for one you like.
  • Visit a Relaxation Station at Sprague Library.  You can color, put together a puzzle, or build something with legos or tinker toys. Learn more.
  • Tidy up and declutter.  Clutter can be distracting. Clean off your work space to help you maintain focus.
  • Eat.  Take this time to fuel your body with a nutrient packed snack. Read more about our favorite snacks.
  • In order to avoid procrastination, be sure you limit your break.  Set a timer to help stay on track.