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Marie Cascarano
Feb 14, 2019

What is a Peer Advocate?

Feb 14, 2019 by Marie Cascarano

by laura infield

You’ve probably seen them on campus with the red hoodies or a teal t-shirt, at Health Promotion events and tables, hanging up hand washing flyers, or the face that greets you when you stop into the Drop In Center.                                                 

…who am I talking about?

Peer Advocates!

If you don’t know what a Peer Advocate is, their roles, or how to become one if you’re interested, then keep on reading.

So you may ask, “What exactly is a Peer Advocate?” A Peer Advocate is a student volunteer at the Office of Health Promotion (the little red and white cottage in between the Student Center and Richardson is us!) Peer Advocates take on a variety of duties and tasks in order to provide students with the knowledge, tools, and resources to make informed decisions about their health.

Peer Advocates work closely with fellow peer advocates and the staff at Health Promotion to create a healthier Montclair State community. No two days at the Drop In Center are the same, so Peer Advocates are involved in many different tasks throughout a semester.

A typical day in the life for a Peer Advocate will depend on what Health Promotion has going on for the week, however some of the things that our amazing Peer Advocates do include:

  • Greet visitors to the Drop In Center and give them the appropriate resources or tools on campus.
  • Conduct campus-wide educational outreach to support health and well-being (you’ll see them around a lot when the weather is nice)!
  • Provide a brief one-on-one conversation if a student has a health related concern. Peer Advocates are not counselors, however, they are trained to help a student with a health related question or concern.
  • Promote campus offices and resources designed to enhance health and student success.
  • Facilitate or assist with a Health Promotion workshop to increases knowledge and skills.
  • Run our weekly workshops, such as Studio DIY, Tea & Talk, and Saturday Crafternoon.
  • Participate in continual professional development and training on a variety of college health topics.

To learn more about the Peer Advocates, visit our FAQ’s.

Any other questions? Email