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Marie Cascarano
Oct 30, 2018

Have a Spooktacular and Safe Halloween!

Oct 30, 2018 by Marie Cascarano

Getting dressed up with your friends and going out and is a lot of fun.  But before you go out take a few minutes to review some tips from your fellow Red Hawks so you can have a spooktacular and safe night. 

Red Hawk Tips

We asked some Montclair State Red Hawks what they do before they party:

  • Make sure your phone is fully charged before heading out.
  • Use the buddy system. Make sure no one travels alone.
  • Never leave a friend alone before, during or after the party.
  • Never send a friend home alone.
  • Make a plan on how you’re getting home before you go out.
  • Plan a time and place to meet everyone at the end of the night in case you get separated and to be sure everyone gets home safely.
  • Know the last train back to campus and plan an alternate way to get back if you should miss it.
  • Always have cash on hand. Program your phone with the contact info for a reliable car service.
  • Don't leave your drink unattended or drink out of another person's cup.
  • Never drink from a pre-made pitcher of alcohol and never accept a drink that you didn't see being made.
  • Be careful who gives you and your friends a ride. Don’t take a ride from someone you don’t know.
  • Never get into a car with a driver who has been drinking.

Remember: Montclair State University does NOT provide transportation to and/or from bars, clubs, or parties. So be sure you have a Plan A and Plan B for getting back to campus safely.