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Welcome to League of Engineers and Computer Scientists!

This group is of, by, and for the amazing, still growing, community of hackers hackathons have built. We're glad you're here.


Our purpose is to explore, develop understanding, and establish engineering and computer scientific enhancements and programs.



We host bi-monthly events featuring technical talks, career-building activities, workshops, and opportunities to socialize with fellow engineering and computer science students.


A student run hackathon held at Oakland University. A hackathon is an opportunity for students to create incredible hardware and software projects from the bottom up in one weekend.

CyberOU Joins LECS and GrizzHacks




Best Professional Development 2016-2017 - Git Workshop  

Most Innovative Event 2015-2016 - GrizzHacks


Microsoft Blog - Empowering and Inspiring at OU's GrizzHacks (Nov)

Oakland Post - GrizzHacks 3: bringing together the greatest young minds for 24 hours of innovation ()

Oakland Post - OU’s Second Annual Hackathon ()

Oakland Post - GrizzHacks, 24 hours of technology ()

Oakland Post - Playing with reality  ()


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The League of Engineers and Computer Scientists (LECS) is a community of students dedicated to empowering its members to pursue their technological interests and ideas.

LECS organizes Oakland University's annual hackathon, GrizzHacks. Every fall, students from across the country come to the Engineering Center to participate in a 24-hour contest to build a software/hardware project from the group up. Visit for more information.

Throughout the school year, LECS hosts events covering career-related topics, on-campus research, and programming/electronics.


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Emma Atkinson

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Althea Bullock

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Shiryash Jalukar

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McKenzie King

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