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RISD LEADS - Motivating Yourself and Others to Achieve a Shared Vision

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Monday, Nov 7, 2016
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EST
Tap Room, 4th Floor Memorial HallMap Location

Featuring: Rachel Holcomb, Senior Organizational Learning Specialist at Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island (Biography)

As a leader, you’ll need to develop shared vision and bring your team along on your path. In this session, we’ll explore the latest research on motivating yourself and others, and unpack impact of unmotivated team members. We will discuss ways to stay motivated in the face of big changes and full schedules and conclude with a case study where you will collaborate to solve motivational problems a real organization faced.


Fulfills - Theory, Operational, Communication


While RISD LEADS is offered as a certificate program, Sessions are open to anyone who is interested. You do not have to fully enroll in the LEADS program to attend sessions. Formal entry can be done at any time and credit is given for past attendance. 

Whether you are interested in formally enrolling in the RISD LEADS program or want to sample specific sessions, this semester's series will provide you with wonderful opportunities and enrichment.