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RISD LEADS - Know Your Why...Speaking From Your Values When Things Get Crucial

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Monday, Sep 19, 2016
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM EDT
Tap Room, 4th Floor Memorial HallMap Location

Featuring: Melissa Boyd Colvin, Assistant Director of Center for Student Leadership Development at the University of Rhode Island (Biography)

When emotions are high and stakes are higher, how can we engage in civil controversy? We can begin by really understanding our personal “why”, what we value, and our responses to stress and communication triggers. Join in this interactive discussion and toolkit building workshop to grow your ability to know* and practice your values, even when faced with crucial moments of conflict. Participants will have the chance to better understand techniques to explore their values in action, to stay in dialogue when things get challenging, and to apply their values and best self when engaging in the community.

*Each participant will leave with access to the Values in Action Character Values Inventory.


Fulfills - Communication, Theory, Operational


While RISD LEADS is offered as a certificate program, Sessions are open to anyone who is interested. You do not have to fully enroll in the LEADS program to attend sessions. Formal entry can be done at any time and credit is given for past attendance. 

Whether you are interested in formally enrolling in the RISD LEADS program or want to sample specific sessions, this semester's series will provide you with wonderful opportunities and enrichment.