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welcome to Dare to Know Publications. 

Dare to Know Publications an official student club and has TWO student-led productions:

Sapere Aude: the leading law student magazine


Bitesize Law: an online animation series


Sapere Aude was first published in 2013, and is distributed over three major WSU campuses- Parramatta, Penrith and Campbelltown. Our publishing process mainly takes place on Parramatta, however, we invite all students to join the process on their home campus. 

Sapere Aude is published twice a year, and invites Western Sydney U students and academics to publish. Our magazine invites a wide range of pieces in the effort to reflect the student voice. We accept academic, opinion, review and lighter side submissions. Joining the publication also provides you with a  competitive extracurricular activity to add on your resume. Additionally, it will provide you the opportunity to strengthen your academic writing and editing skills, and will expose you to networking events.

Bitesize Law was established in 2016. The objectives of Bitesize Law is to reduce the barrier between the Law and the community. Through a creative online animation, the video aims to provide an alternative learning tool to students and members of the community. Opportunities within Bitesize Law include script writing and editing, online animation and design and much more! 

The first series published by Bitesize Law was released in early 2017. It focuses on Contract Law and we encourage all our students to watch, engage and provide feedback. Watch it online now for free!

For more information:VISIT US ONLINE:

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Dare to Know Publications, biannually publishes, 'Sapere Aude' - the official UWS Law student magazine. We invite all students to join the magazine in our many capacities, offering positions in:
communications; advertising; marketing; design; academic writers; opinion and review piece writers; and, editors.


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