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Changemaker Catalyst Award Application

The Changemaker Catalyst Award is open to all undergraduate and graduate Tulane University students interested in pursuing opportunities related to social innovation, social entrepreneurship, design thinking, and changemaking. Students are eligible for up to $1,500 total over the course of their studies to support changemaker learning.

To be an effective changemaker, one must have a deep knowledge of the social problem they wish to solve. This award is an opportunity to learn from and work collaboratively with effective changemakers and allies to better understand social and environmental problems through apprenticing with a problem or pursuing academic research.

Apprenticing with a problem” experiences can involve

  • an internship or volunteer opportunity
  • an in-depth field immersion experience
  • conference, workshop, or program attendance

Academic research involves

  • Field or other direct costs for an original academic research project (i.e. honors thesis, MA/MS thesis, doctoral dissertation) on a social innovation/changemaking topic. Academic supervisor reference letter required.

Student learning on changemaking is a critical part of the award process and outcomes. As such, all awardees must demonstrate a critical analysis of the experience and its role in their academic studies, personal growth, and professional aspirations. All students who receive a Changemaker Catalyst Award must complete and award follow up form and a series of blog posts to demonstrate the impact of their award. Please consider the core concepts highlighted by Taylor while developing your application.

Applications are accepted three times a year on the 15th of October and 15th of February. The last deadline is May 1st.

For an overview of the entire application, download the blank pdf version here.

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