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Service Fair

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Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT
Courtyard Map Location

Join us for opportunities to serve our community while having fun.

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Daniel E Duboe

I am unable to attend the meeting, but am interested in possible volunteer opportunities. Is there an e-mail that will be sent out with the locations and Professors/Volunteers that will be leading the individual events? please FWD: the list if one is made to

Thank you!

Mya R Jordan

Good morning Emily and Daniel. Thank you both for your interest in tomorrow's Service Fair. The Service Fair is designed to introduce students to the upcoming Day of Service, day designed for Columbus State to volunteer and give back to the community. We will have staff and students assisting in registering students for various volunteer opportunities offered for Day of Service along with community partners to discuss opportunities for ongoing support.

Mya R Jordan

To get connected, all is needed if for you to stop by the Student Engagement and Leadership table in the Courtyard and we'll be happy to assist. Also, we will have additional opportunities for volunteering offered through the Student Engagement and Leadership department detailed on the Hub as well as through our office. Keep an eye out for posting on the Hub's homepage, the Student Engagement and Leadership website as well as your email and the Student News.