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Welcome to the University of West Georgia's Student Government Orgsync page! Here you can find all types of documents, forms, and information pertaining to SGA. Please take time to go through these resources and ask questions about anything related to university life. We represent the student body to an assortment of university committees, so the input you give us will be given to the administration!

We meet every Thursday at 3:30 pm in the Campus Center, so come and listen in on a session. We hope to hear from you soon!

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Student Government Association is the official representation of the student body at the University of West Georgia. SGA serves on Faculty Senate Committees to ensure that student voice is heard in regards to University matters.

SGA enacts a variety of programs that engage the entire campus at the University of West Georgia. A couple of our programs are Meet the Administration, Legislative Town Hall, Blue Mocktails, and the World Festival. Each of these events are hosted or sponsored by SGA in order to provide a beneficial experience for students and faculty at the University.

SGA also recognizes that college is about earning a degree with hopes of pursuing a career after graduation. Moreover, in today's society simply having a degree is not enough, that is why SGA provides opportunities to be involved in Student Government. This is so students can be involved on their campus and gain beneficial experience. SGA accomplishes this by allowing student to serve on our committees, which allows student to assist SGA in serving the student body.


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Thursday at 3:30 pm in the Campus Center Ballroom 108.1

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On campus, in Carrollton

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