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Collaborate with UAB! (Request Form)

University Activities Board
Collaboration Request Form

This forms is intended for those interested in collaborating with the University Activities Board on any event.

UAB's mission is to create fun and memorable events by planning fun and entertaining events!

We value partnership and look forward to working with you!

Please submit this form AT LEAST 2 weeks before the event!

Questions? Contact:


Collaboration Guidelines

  • The event must be planned in collaboration with a UAB Director
  • UAB is NOT simply a funding organization or solely a marketing tool for other organizations, we look for equal and true collaborations on event ideas
  • UAB needs to be informed of and review all event logistics
  • UAB must be acknolwedged as a partner on all advertising (logo or name)

Resources that UAB can Provide

  • Event planning expertise
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Volunteers
  • Funding Options (UAB is not solely a funding board! Partnership of events must be involved)

What is Expected from YOU

  • Equal contribution to the event planning and programming process
  • Ability to provide volunteers for the event
  • Attendance at setup, duration of, and clean-up for the event
  • Additional promotion of the event
  • Open, frequent and consistent communication througout the event planning and programming process
  • Designated contact person(s)
  • Flexibility in terms of scheduling and communication

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