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Welcome to the Associated Students of the University of Utah OrgSync page!

As a student at the University of Utah, you are automatically a member of ASUU as it is this body's responsibility and duty to represent the student body. From advocacy work to student org funding and campus programming, there are many incredible opportunities for you to get involved with this organization. Visit this page throughout the year for legislative updates, executive announcements, sponsored campus events, and other resources. For more information about each branch of this student government and how to get involved, please see For any questions, please contact!

Portal Information


ASUU stands for Associated Students of the University of Utah and exists as the Student Government at the University of Utah. Similarly to the U.S. government, ASUU is comprised of three branches: the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Each branch oversees activities and many issues that may impact the student experience. As a registered student, you are already a member of ASUU. Getting involved with ASUU will make college life easier and more enjoyable for you. We provide assistance with on-campus childcare, tutoring and legal services for students. Throughout the year ASUU hosts free concerts, movies, dances, engaging speakers, service projects, and other events designed to enhance campus community.


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Connor Morgan

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As a registered student, you are already a member of ASUU. For the executive branch: In order to better serve students, ASUU has created 11 student run boards to oversee many programs specifically for the Student Body. For more information about getting involved with one of the boards, please see The ASUU Judicial Branch is comprised of the Supreme Court and the Attorney General. For information on getting involved with the Judicial Branch, please see The ASUU Legislative Branch consists of the Senate and Assembly. The Senate is composed of 18 Senators, one elected from each college to serve one-year terms.The Assembly is composed of 36 representatives elected from each college at the University in proportion to the number of students enrolled in that college. For more information, please see

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From representing students in university activity to engaging speakers, ASUU is responsible for a multitude of experiences that impact the campus community.

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