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Alysha Kester
Feb 18, 2016

Ever wondered what "The Cloud" really is? Come find out! 3/10 4:30pm SFEBB 3180

Feb 18, 2016 by Alysha Kester

We hear about the cloud every day. From our families and friends storing their pictures and music in the cloud, to small and large organizations doing their entire business in the cloud.

Have you ever wondered what the cloud means? It is a prolific business buzz word, but what’s behind that buzz?

Take a trip through the cloud with Adam Frisbee, an information systems instructor here at the U, and a cloud professional by day. Learn what’s behind all the buzz, from historical, business, and (light) technical perspective.

Adam Frisbee holds a B.S. and M.S. in Information Systems from the University of Utah. He graduated in 2012 and soon began teaching the next generation of professionals. This is his third time presenting at the TEK club.