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Alysha Kester
Aug 17, 2015

It's a new year to Be TEK Savvy!

Aug 17, 2015 by Alysha Kester

Membership applications are being accepted now for the 2015-16 year! We have tons of cool stuff planned!!

TEK Club is a club geared to help introduce you to professionals in the industry, provide out of the classroom learning experience, help with SQL/Databases and Java learning and fun, impactful networking opportunities. We will work with you to bolster your marketability, as a student, to companies across Utah and help you achieve your Information Systems or CIS goals!

Your membership due gets you

  • In the door to networking events, including an exclusive TEK career fair for members only.
  • Knowledgeable speakers from the industry to inspire you
  • Tutoring for Java, Database, Web Apps and the hardest technical classes
  • Fun, food, friends
  • Awesome swag including a really nice quality T-Shirt, Cool sunglasses and other stuff!

So come join the fun and Be TEK Savvy! Sign up  HERE  or get more info at


Enrico Cecala

This sounds awesome. But last year the dues were $20 and all of these things were available except for the shirt. The shirt shouldn't cost $30 so why is it $30 more this year?

Enrico Cecala

I hope this previous comment didn't come off as rude, I was just wondering why 50 dollars was the cost? Instead of the previous amount?

Alysha Kester

Hi Enrico- We strive to be able to provide outstanding out-of-the-classroom learning and opportunities, like conferences, case competitions, exclusive job fairs, etc. We are also a part of the Association for Information Systems, which have their own club dues as well. So your money is giving you double membership- with AIS and TEK, as well as providing you the opportunities to be part of awesome experiences! Awesome experiences are expensive, but together we can all make it happen!