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SGA Executive Board 2016 - 2017

Mitch Farrell


Karen Reitan
Executive Vice-President  

Luis Guzman
Vice-President of Finance

Amber Borerro
Vice-President of Programming  

Julian Alston
Vice President of Administration

Ashleigh Titre -Barnor

 Unity & Social Justice

Student Government Association - Fall 2016 Office Hours TBD

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Dan Garcia / President 6pm- 8pm 6pm - 8pm 11am - 1pm   10am - 12pm & 3pm - 5pm
Kat Trujillo / EVP   1230pm - 130pm & 330pm- 530pm 1pm - 530pm 330pm - 530pm  
Imerlyn Ventura/ Finance 12pm - 1pm & 3pm - 6pm 11am - 4pm      
Raevin Walters/ Administration 12pm -1pm & 3pm - 4pm 10am - 1pm 12pm - 1pm & 3pm - 6pm    
Meaghan Biggs/ Programming 12pm - 4pm 2pm - 5pm   12pm - 3pm  




Committee Meeting Times & Locations SPRING 2016

Programming Committee

Finance Committee
Every 2nd Friday at 12:15pm in the Multipurpose Room!

Unity Committee

Election Committee


Constitution Committee



Portal Information


The Purpose of the Student Government Association is:

A) To serve as a liaison between Pace University Students and Pace University Staff, Faculty and the surrounding community

B) To ensure an environment which is supportive of the development of student leadership and responsibility

C) To direct student concerns to the proper channels and advocate on the behalf of the Student Body should those channels fail to satisfy the needs of the any student(s)

D) To facilitate the activities and interests of the Undergraduate Student Body of Pace University’s Pleasantville Campus


Student Governance

Meeting Day


Meeting Time


Meeting Location

Multi-Purpose Space (Kessel Student Center)

Please list any websites that your organization utilizes for marketing and communication purposes. We can use these on our materials and website as well or link directly to them.

If you do not currently have a website please just enter NA.


Please include the names of any social media mediums that you currently utilize for your organization (Twitter, Facebook, InstaGram, Vimeo, YouTube, Vine, etc)

If you do not currently use these, please type NA.