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Pride at Pace Welcomes YOU!

Meetings for Pride are Monday Nights

Kessel 201 @ 9:00p.m.

Let's EMBRACE Diversity

2014-2015 Executive Board

President Gabriel Solano 
Executive Vice President Samantha Henry 
Vice President of Finance Mercedes Major 
Vice President of Administration: Vinona Rugova 
Senator Susan Harris 
Alternate Senator Madeline Barrios 


Executive Advisor Cornell Craig
Co-Advisor Rachel Simon 









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A place for those of us who no longer want to be tolerated in our society. Through communication and events we will not only make the gay community known on campus but respected and well represented. We are not here to play the blame game but rather move forward as an university.


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Meeting Day


Meeting Time

9:00 pm

Meeting Location

Kessel 201

President Name

Gabriel Solano

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Rachel Simon

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