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Pace University Pleasantville's Residence Hall Association


President -Kevin Capobianco (So.)

Vice President - Jessica Matalevich (Jr.)

Vice President of Finance - Damian Nguyen (So.)

Vice President of Advocacy - Kevin Zhang (So.)

Co.- National Communications Coordinator (NCC) - Ariana Petaro (Jr.) & Jamie DelToro (So.)




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The Residence Hall Association consists of the four Hall Council executive board members from each of the Pace University Pleasantville-Briarcliff on-campus living facilities. The Hall Councils meet with the RHA executive board to plan and discuss hall programming, residents concerns, and budget allocation. The Residence Hall which has amassed the highest point average of events at the end of the year will be named Hall of the Year by RHA. All meetings are open to all Pace students, faculty, staff, and thier guests.


Residential Life

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Meeting Location

Leinhard Lecture Hall

President Name

Katy Dunn

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Matt Landau, Shari Crandall

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RHA at Pace University Pleasantville (Facebook), @rha_pace_plv (twitter and instagram)