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Section 1: Mission
The mission of WPAW is to create a comfortable environment where students learn to serve the broadcast and communication needs of the Pace community while training members in the technical, program, management and sales aspects of broadcasting.

Section 2: Goals
• To establish a campus radio station staffed by students to serve the broadcast and communication needs of the Pace community.
• To train members in the technical, program, managerial and sales aspects of broadcasting through:
o DJ training
o Recording, managing and organizing Radio Shows
• To increase student interest and experience in the broadcasting field
• To bring awareness to music programs outside the Pace community by taking part in the “Heart Support” non-for-profit organization

Section 3: Governing Authority
All activities and functions of the organization must be legal under University policy, and local, state, and federal laws. The most recent version of the Student Handbook will supersede all requirements set forth during the creation and revision of this constitution. In addition, the most recent version of Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authority over those questions which have not been specified by university regulations or this constitution. Within this constitution, a majority shall be defined as “more than 50%.”



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Meeting Time

9:15 pm

Meeting Location

Willcox 3rd Floor

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