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Welcome to the Presentia! 

Presentia in Latin means "presence" and we as Pace Presentia staff are committed to document, encourage, enhance, support, and showcase the unwavering presence that Pace University Pleasantville Campus has to offer, not only to the local community but to the world. 

The 2018-2019 Presentia E-Board is:

President / Editor~ Kevin Capobianco

Vice-President~ Juan Pena

Treasurer~ Jared Torres

Secretary~ Rachel Skopp-Cardillo

Senior Photographers~ Kristof Rau & Jacqueline Boccia

If you are interested in joining Presentia please contact President / Editor Kevin Capobianco (

Portal Information


The Pace Presentia goal and agenda is to capture the Pace tradition, community, and culture on the Pleasantville campus through documenting events and student life within the yearbook.



Meeting Day


Meeting Time

Friday @ 3:30

Meeting Location

Yearbook Office- 4th Fl. Wilcox Hall

Please list any websites that your organization utilizes for marketing and communication purposes. We can use these on our materials and website as well or link directly to them.

If you do not currently have a website please just enter NA.