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Welcome to The Biochemical Society Club page! 

Thank you for attending our third meeting of the fall semester! We will be having a meet and greet mini meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd from 5-6PM in room 412. We will have small snacks available! This mini meeting will be a come and go event, just to help us get a better idea of what our members are wanting for the spring semester. We will have a short survey asking you which days are best for you to have a meeting, times, who you would like to see (Speakers), what you want to learn more about, etc! Please plan to stop by in order to help your officers out in what YOU want to see! :)

If you would like to receive emails, please email us at and let us know you are needing to be added to our contact list. Wreck 'em!

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The Biochemical Society is an organization based out of Texas Tech that is meant to provide a community for students in the biochemical field. This includes students who plan to go on to a variety of careers, such as fields in healthcare, research, and more. In this society students will have volunteering, research and mentoring opportunities. This Society will give students the ability to truly excel in their field.


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Apr 4, 2017

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The purpose of this society is to guide, mentor and encourage students on their way to becoming future leaders in the various biochemical and healthcare fields.

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Members must be students at Texas Tech university, and must pay their dues of $20 for the academic year in order to participate in activities and volunteer opportunities.

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John D'Auria

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Benjamin Chavez

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