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Welcome to the Desi Heritage of South Asia (DHOSA) OrgSync Page!!

DHOSA's mission is to educate and create awareness about Desi culture within the Pace community. We are not Desi exclusive. Half of our executive board is not South Asian, so we are a very diverse group.

Come to our weekly meetings on Wednesday afternoons from 12:10 - 1:10pm in Miller 24 and show support! See you there :-)

Please join our Facebook group for updates about DHOSA! 

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The main purpose of the Desi Heritage of South Asia (DHOSA) is to provide social and cultural activities for its members, as well as non-members, of the Pace University community, and to inspirationally cultivate the rich cultural heritage of South Asia by raising awareness about the region. It shall endeavor to sponsor and promote intercultural understanding amongst various international and cultural groups as well as the community as a whole, at Pace University. Desi Heritage of South Asia (DHOSA) shall at all times adhere to this purpose and function in any manner desired by the majority vote of the members, no matter the race, creed, gender, or religion of the members, and in accordance with the Student Association or Student Development and Campus Activities at Pace University. Join DHOSA at any time!



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12:10 - 1:10 pm

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Miller 24

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Adam Modak

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Brandon McCluskey

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