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Hi Everyone! 

Welome to our Page. We are Future Leaders in Healthcare (FLIHC, for short). We started off as Student Nurses at Pace, but have come to the decision, since nursing majors are not the only health careers you could get out of a degree from Pace, we wanted to acknowledge every other potential future care taker, regardless of their major. That's right, biological psychology, nursing, general health studies, you name it. The common goal for every member is to want to pursue a career in healthcare! 

As of Spring 2017, FLIHC meets every other week, that's every 2 weeks, on Wednesday nights at 9:00 pm in Alumni Classroom 132. Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 8th. If you would like to learn more, please be sure to stop by! 

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F.L.I.H.C started off as Student Nurses at Pace, but has recently made some changes to support students to come together, despite their major. The common goal is healthcare. People studying different things in the end have a common goal: To one day care for, treat, and potentially save lives in a rewarding career in various healthcare fields.



Meeting Day

Tuesday- every 2 weeks

Meeting Time


Meeting Location

Alumni 132

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