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Daniel K Garcia
Mar 22, 2017


Mar 22, 2017 by Daniel K Garcia

Welcome back Pace! We hope you had a great Spring Break!

This Thursday, March 23rd, the High-Potential Leadership Series continues! The learning outcomes we hope to instill revolve around leadership in the context of developing personal and professional skills. **You can find the full series schedule below!**

We are proud to present Susan Eisman, Career Counselor, as she contributes to the series by providing us with valuable knowledge regarding important principles to building good relationships on the job, making a good impression through our communication skills, and developing competent active-listening skills. In addition, we will provide the rationale behind the emphasis on self-awareness and why it is so important to know your strengths and weaknesses. Join us, Thursday during common hour (3:30PM!) in Conference Room A/B!