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Student Government Association Executive Board 2013-2014 Candidate Application

For detailed information regarding eligibility of candidates, benefits information, elections process, and important dates, please visit the SGA Elections webpage.

Eligibility of candidates

(Please additionally review the requirements and responsibilities of your desired position as outlined in the SA Constitution)

  • Full time, registered, undergraduate Pace University (Pleasantville) student with at least 24 academic credits
  • No current disciplinary probation or sanction at the time s/he is sworn in
  • Must have a minimum QPA of 2.50
  • Must not be on the executive board of any student organization at the time s/he is in office except for a Greek Organization and/or Hall Council
  • Must have served as a member of a SGA Committee or as an organization executive board member for a minimum of two semesters prior to swearing in. The semester in which the election occurs may count as the second semester.
  • One Reference Letter. It is recommended that this person be a Pace faculty or staff member. If not, this person must be a professional reference.

Election Process Information:

1. Student Government Association Candidate Applications are available online via This application packet only includes information. All documentation must be submitted online (except petition) no later than 5pm on February 28th. The OrgSync application will automatically close at the deadline. Petitions must be submitted in person by the same deadline.

2. Petition forms are available online via ( The petition form must contain a minimum of 100 signatures from full time, registered, undergraduate Pace University (Pleasantville) students. The complete petition form must be submitted no later than 5pm on February 28th to the Director of SDCA in Kessel.

3. Position statements and candidate photos will be collected by all applicants via the online OrgSync application. Only confirmed candidates’ information will be forwarded to The Pace Chronicle. This information will also be posted on the SGA Elections webpage (

4. The final list of all approved candidates on the official ballot will be announced on March 4th.

5. Formal campaigning can begin no earlier than 9am on Monday, March 11th. All campaign materials must be approved by Student Development & Campus Activities before use, distribution, and/or copying. Please refer to the election policies in this packet for specific explanation of “campaigning”. Materials must be approved by SDCA professional staff.

6. Campaigning will only take place between 9am Monday, March 11th until 3pm Friday, April 5th.

7. Elections will take place starting April 1st at 10:00am and polls will close on April 5th at 3pm. Voting will take place electronically through a secure online voting program (VoteNet). Election stations will be set-up in Miller (near café), Kessel (near Café), and Mortola (near entrance) and will be run by the Elections Committee, the current SGA Eboard, SDCA Graduate Assistants, and SDCA professional staff.

8. Updates will be posted on the elections website on Monday (4/1) by 6pm, Tuesday (4/2) by 6pm, Wednesday (4/3) by 6pm, and Thursday (4/4) by 6pm. Candidates will be emailed final results no later than 6pm Saturday (4/6). Website updates and a campus-wide email will be released no later than on Saturday (4/6) by 6pm. Candidates will be officially introduced to Student Government Association on Friday, April 12th at 12:15pm.

Benefits information & MORE important dates for candidates (including transition training dates) are listed on the SGA Elections webpage under the download of the complete SGA Candidate Information Packet.

This form closed on March 1, 2013 10:15 AM EST