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SMART Goals for 2013 Council Officers

Specific – Goals should be specific as possible and never general. Consider who, what, where, why, when, and which when developing a goal.
Measurable- You should be able to measure the progress of your goal (i.e. how will you know the organization accomplished its goal?) Being able to measure a goal helps the organization stay on track and reach target dates of completion.
Attainable- You should be able to answer yes to the following question: “Is the goal challenging but still capable of being accomplished?”. Ultimately you want your goals to be achievable.
Realistic- The goal should be one the organization is willing and able to accomplish.
Timely- Goals should have a time frame so that there can be a target date set to accomplish the goal. Target dates brings about a sense of urgency and motivates individuals to work towards completing goals on time.

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