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Welcome to The Co-Curricular Leadership Development Certificate Program!

The Leadership Development Certificate Program (LDCP) is designed to offer students a well-rounded foundation for personal and professional development while enhancing leadership proficiency via:

  • Campus-wide opportunities for participation in programs, workshops, and events.
  • Constructive involvement within the campus community through peer focus groups.
  • Improving leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities through reflective journals and self-assessments.

What is required?

The LDCP is open to any undergrad student, grad, staff member, faculty, or alumnus in any year free of cost. The program is comprised of a 4-year Tier System with specialized annual requirements selected to advance and enhance your leadership abilities. Annual requirements increase in necessary leadership proficiency and involvement to ensure continuous development as you progress through the program. 

The time requirement is September to April and participants can re-apply each year. Expect to commit on average 8 hours per month which includes attending programs, 2 retreats during the year, reflective journals, and peer-led focus groups. Participants who complete all requirements during the academic year will be recognized at a ceremony in May.

I'm interested! Where do I start?

1. Apply to the Leadership Development Certificate Program
2. If accepted, be sure to map out your first year and keep up with annual requirements

Expected Learning Outcomes for Participants

  1. The ability to effectively communicate with peers and professionals
  2. The ability to think critically and reflectively in order to better oneself and the community
  3. A commitment to practicing self-advocacy
  4. Learning through reflection and become better problem solvers by linking current and past experiences
  5. Fostering an open-minded approach to understanding and appreciating diversity
  6. Engaging in the Montclair State University community and motivating others
  7. A devotion to continuous character development and learning


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"We develop leaders for today, while preparing them for tomorrow."