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“We are the Red House, an organization which houses original and like-minded individuals who collaborate on inventive feats relating to fashion and art!”

Portal Information


The Red House is a full fledged brand that is managed by students of St. John’s University who display an interest in pursuing a career in fashion or who simply want to learn all that entails creating and running a brand. We strive to bring students together to share ideas and innovations that are sure to expand the minds and creativity of all those who posses creative prowess, and seek to collaborate with fellow artists while also expanding their personal and business relationships. We want to inspire greatness in design and we will! Join our team to be a part of pure artistry!


Special Interest

General Email (for organization)
Meeting Day

Mondays/Thursdays (weekly)

Meeting Time

Common Hour (1:50-3:15 PM)

Meeting Location

SJH 311

President Name

Wyett Woodbury

Vice President Name

Dana Deriso

Treasurer Name

Jadynn Flagg

Additional Contact Email
Secretary Name

Sarah Harrington

Student Affairs Advisor Name

Ebony Calvin

Student Affairs Advisor Email
Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

Membership is not selective, although certain positions and tasks will be awarded to those with outstanding experience and who have proven their passion and dedication to the club. Resume's and portfolios will be required from anyone seeking a committee or eboard position along with filling out an application.