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Welcome to STJ's Fashion Club where we help you stay in touch and in style!

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The purpose of this organization is to provide its members with an exclusive, full-scale look into the fashion industry through comprehensive workshops, seminars, and discussions geared towards creativity, self-expression and knowledge of fashion’s permeating role in society. These programs and discussions will give members a full understanding of the versatile career opportunities available in the fashion industry. The Fashion Club’s objective is to provide the St. John’s community with an all-inclusive space for stimulating discussions on the matters affecting each member, the St. John’s community and the world at large, while revealing how it relates to fashion. At the end of the academic year, The Fashion Club will implement a high-end fashion show, which will imitate the likes of Fashion Week. Building a bridge between students and professionals, members will have the opportunity to advance their career aspirations through establishing relationships and close-connections with industry professionals present. This annual show will mirror not only the diversity of the St. John’s Community, but also the diversity of the fashion industry.


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Meeting Day

Designated Thursdays

Meeting Time

2-3 PM

Meeting Location

St. Johns Hall

President Name

Iman Haynes

Vice President Name

Igwedinma Okafor

Treasurer Name

Olga Torres

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Student Affairs Advisor Name

Ebony Calvin

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