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Sustainability Council Application 2020-2021

Duties of all Sustainability Council Executive staff:

  1. Have, and maintain, a minimum 2.5 GPA. 
  2. All members of Sustainability Council are expected to work closely with, as well as maintain a positive relationship with, other school entities. 
  3. Contribute ideas to planning for upcoming semesters.  
  4. Plan annual events such as, but not limited to, Earth Week, Compost Fundraiser, and River-Cleanup.  
  5. Attend weekly executive meetings that are to be held prior to the weekly general assembly meetings. 
  6. Attend designated office hours on a weekly basis. 
  7. Contribute to the continuity of excellent leadership within the Sustainability Council by building-up general staffers with leadership skills and motivation. 
  8. Be attentive to news related to sustainability and the environment on international, national, state, and local scales. 
  9. Remain up to date with all council events 
  10. Be responsible for responding to emails to the Sustainability Council email account that pertain to your job description or are emails sent as a result of your interaction with community-members. 
  11. Post a weekly update to the Sustainability Council Executives Facebook page detailing your progress on projects you have undertaken. 

The positions available are President, Vice President, Marketing Coordinator, & Compost Manager.

To be considered for the President Position, applications are due by March 13, 2020. To be considered for all other positions, applications are due by March 31, 2020 but will remain open until all positions are filled. 

Please be aware that a requirement for the President is being available for Org Leader Training August 12-14, 2020. All other Org positions are strongly encouraged to attend. 

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