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Over nearly 20 years, Japan Karate Association, the oldest karate club at UIC, has made the commitment to teach tradition karate to UIC students. Our instructors are black belt with many years of dedicated practice of karate. They have proved capability to effectively teach their knowledge and understanding to students.

Our training is  consisted  of stretching, kicking, punching, blocking, grappling, kata (forms), kumite (sparring). Members will also learn the great values of traditions of karate like discipline, respect and honor. Karate will help them develop these valuable skills, which are the keys to success in any pursuit in life. Members will have the opportunity to attend many seminars and tournaments.



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We teach traditional Shotokan Karate to UIC students. It offers a variety of benefits for the students--both physically and mentally. Our training consists of basics techniques, forms and sparring. As the practice goes on, students will be able to progress through the various belt ranks, which is certificated by JKA/AF. Our weekly practice will be conducted at Student Recreation Facility on Mon and Wed from 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM.


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