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Welcome to the page of the St. John's Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. We are a political and social organization, created to enlighten and inform the community on events effecting our society. We are strong advocates of human rights for all people, regardless of ethnicity, sex or religion. Although our titled includes the words 'Colored People' by no means are we not accepting of other groups of peoples. If you are having any issues on campus regarding being treated unfairly, we are the organization to contact. We have over 100 paid members and 300 non-paid members; with this large population we can make the changes that we want to see on campus. In order to be considered an official member you must pay annual dues of $10. The money goes toward Nationals fees of providing services, being that we are a non-profitable organization, as well as toward the chapter to help pay for events. Your $10 will get you a NAACP Perks card which works just like a student discount card and allows you to receive discounts at many popular stores. You also receive a copy of the NAACP National Magazine, The Crisis. To pay dues or receive additional information please contact the chapter email: