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HELLO HELLO and welcome to our page! Be updated on our events by visiting our social media pages and following us by clicking the little icons in the top right corner :)

Are you interested in joining Greek Life this upcoming Fall semester? Feel free to fill out the following form and one of our sisters will be in contact with you! Our sisters are more than happy to talk to you and get to know you more! Also, you will be updated on all the latest news about our Fall 2017 Recruitment!


We can't wait to meet all your beautiful faces!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

~ Alpha Phi Gamma UIC Lambda Chapter

Hello! We are so excited to announce our Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Executive Board! 

President - Eliza Lazaro
Vice President - Carolyn Sivoraphet
Secretary - Sarah Yoon
Ritual Chancellor - Lilly Ngai
Treasurer - Megan Martinez

Burgundy and Creme coming your way this fall with our largest Active House yet! Introducing this semester's cabinet positions:

Sisterhood Chair - Sarah Yoon
Alumnae/Associate/Affiliate Chair - Helen Liang
Philanthropy Chairs - Helen Liang and Veronica Medrano
Social Chair - Tina Truong
Recruitment Chairs - Carolyn Sivoraphet and Tina Truong
Historian - Brigette Adlawan
Publicity Chair (Social Media) - A.J. Alhambra
Publicity Chair (Graphic Design) - Cynthia Martinez
Academic Chairs - Eliza Lazaro, Cynthia Martinez, and Mary Dela Cruz
Stroll Coordinator - Samantha Cave
Community Service Chair - Lilly Ngai
Event Coordinator(s) - Tran Dao and Wiktoria Smiarowska
Fundraising Chair - Tina Zheng
Cultural Chair - Pamela Cave
Judicial Board Representative - Samantha Cave
Scholarship Advisor - Jamie Moy
Alumni Advisor - Trish Truong


HELLO WORLD! Finally introducing...........our newest Baby Pandas, the Theta Top Notch Class, Spring 2017!

These lovely ladies have grown into the image of Classy Ladies of Alpha Phi Gamma and have worked tirelessly to earn their letters. We are so proud of all you ladies and hope to see each of you wear our letters with pride. Please remember that letters are earned, not given, so always work hard and maintain our image. Congratulations and welcome to the most authentic and real Sisterhood there is! And with that being said please welcome our newest sisters to Lambda Chapter:


Pledge Mom: Jamie “Ma2ter Mind” Moy
Ritual Chancellor: Lahney “resILLient” Vilayhong

Brigette “benevILLent” Adlawan #50Λ
Big Sis: Vivian Mimi “ILLume” Hang

Abigail “Ambïtion” Carmona #51Λ
Big Sis: Allison “eXplicit” Chueng

Pamela “Elixir” Cave #52Λ
Big Sis: Jessica “Cascade” Hing

Suzi “Supremacy” Choi #53Λ
Big Sis: Meghan “Rhapsody” Tan

Mary “Purrrfect” Dela Cruz #54Λ
Big Sis: Elizabeth “ALLEY kitty” Nguyen

Cynthia “'CRE$.CENT” Martinez #55Λ
Big Sis: Lisa “X.CLU$IVE” Zhu

Veronica “PROTÉGé” Medrano #56Λ
Big Sis: Jaydee “C☸MPASS” Abadines

Wiktoria “St✯r ŁIGHT” Smiarowska #57Λ
Big Sis: Trish 'LIght bulb' Truong

Tina “PARA•LAX' “ Zheng #58Λ
Big Sis: Tina “S•E•R•ENT1TY” Leong

On February 26, 2012, Alpha Phi Gamma was established at University of Illinois at Chicago. The purpose is to bring together all women of different nationalities through the bonds of friendship and sisterhood. Our sorority exists to provide service and Asian Awareness to the University and the surrounding communities for the better of society. For its members, this organization promotes scholarship and academic excellence, personal development, and leadership. Alpha Phi Gamma is an Asian-interest sorority but we are NOT Asian exclusive. We cherish our sisterhood nationwide!

Portal Information


Alpha Phi Gamma emerged in the Fall of 1993 and became a reality on February 1, 1994, as the first Asian American Interest Sorority on the campus of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The Founders were Allex Choi, Candy Cunanan, Christine Nguyen, Sandie Rillera, Kolleen Kim, Grace Hsieh and Jennifer Oku. These Sisters wanted to bring together all women of different nationalities through the bonds of friendship and sisterhood. The sorority was established to promote service and Asian Awareness to the University and to the community, allowing for all the different nationalities to discover what other cultures had to offer.

As with the beginning of any organization, Alpha Phi Gamma has started to grow in order to be able to have a strong impact in the future. Since 1993, our Sisterhood bonds have grown internally and formed foundations in California, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona, New York, Kansas, Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, and Minnesota. Seeing our Sisterhood grow over the years is exciting, but more important is that Alpha Phi Gamma has been able to maintain our values and bonds across all our schools. As we continue to grow our Sisters will continue to uphold the values and bonds of our Sisterhood all women of different nationalities, in our communities and universities.


Greeks of the Pan-Asian American Council