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Ryan Rhodes
May 2, 2019

Deadline to Renew Your Student Organization Approaching!

May 2, 2019 by Ryan Rhodes

On Friday, March 8, All OrgSync portals belonging to Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) were reset. This means the renewal period began and all RSOs must update their organization’s information for the 2019-2020 academic year. If your organization has updated their OrgSync profile since March 8, 2019, then they have successfully completed the first requirement to renew the organization.
To update the OrgSync profile, officers will complete a registration request. We ask the organization’s leadership to do this each time the organization’s officer information changes, but the renewal period seeks to capture all updated officer information. The deadline for submitting a registration request and renewing your organization is June 1 at 5 p.m. If the organization misses this deadline, the organization’s OrgSync profile will be “disabled”. A disabled profile will prevent the organization from accessing key benefits to recognition including reserving rooms on campus, applying for ASUU or FAF grant funding, tabling at PlazaFest, utilizing the tools of OrgSync, and more.
Updating your organization’s OrgSync profile is one of the two annual requirements to maintain your organization’s status as a Recognized Student Organization. Annual training for RSOs will be facilitated in the Fall 2019 semester.

 There are three items to note about registration requests:

  1. To complete a registration request, an individual must have Administrative Access to the portal. This access can be granted by someone who already has that access to your organization’s portal. The Organization Resource Group (ORG) may also grant this access.
  2. When the registration request is submitted, the organization’s advisor (if applicable) will automatically be sent an email prompting them to approve the submitted information. For Sponsored & Affiliated organizations, the advisor must approve this submitted information before ORG can review the submission.
  3. To have a request approved by ORG, Recognized Student Organizations must upload a constitution that meets these requirements. Please note certain items need to be listed as verbatim. The requirements have changed slightly since last year, so please pay close attention to the Constitution Checklist

Registration requests submitted or approved prior to March 8, 2019 will not satisfy the annual requirement for the 2019-2020 academic year. 
If you have questions about updating your organization’s OrgSync profile, please contact ORG.

Contact the Organization Resource Group (ORG) at 801-581-2788 or for more information. You may also schedule an appointment with them on Cranium Cafe/Connex Ed or stop by their office during office hours within the ASUU Suite on the second floor of the A. Ray Olpin Student Union.