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Bem-Vindo! välkommen! Benvingut! Bienvenue! Welkom!

欢 迎! Bienvenido!

iPals organization provides everything you want to know about STUDY ABROAD,  DIVERSITY CULTURES, SECOND LANGUAGE PRACTICUM, INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP and MORE! Our goal is to provide International students with an easier transition into American culture. Members of iPals are from all over the world, including United State of America!

Join iPals and make lifetime friends from over 40 different countries!   

Portal Information


iPALS matches new international students with current Appalachian State students for friendship and cultural exchange. iPALS is a great opportunity to create new friendships, learn about different cultures, and create memories that will last a lifetime. This program also serves as an important resource for cross-cultural learning and exchange.


Multicultural & International

Meeting Day
  • Randomly Scheduled throughout Semester
Meeting Time

6:30 PM

Meeting Location

253 Student Union

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

$10 Membership Fee, optional but must pay for each trip individually.