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Welcome to the official AppSync page for the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA). Subscribe to our page to receive notifications about our upcoming events and info about GSGA. All graduate students are welcomed to join the page!

Portal Information


Our Purpose And Mission

The Graduate Student Association Senate of Appalachian State University is a body of appointed senators representing each department within the Graduate School whose goal and mission is to:

Empower graduate students to express their concern for the welfare of the graduate students enrolled in the University.

Provide graduate students the opportunity to develop and disseminate ideas for the improvement of graduate education.

Enable graduate students to contribute to the formation of relevant University Policy.

Support graduate students in the conceptualization of new opportunities for funding initiatives that will improve overall performance in graduate studies.

Grant graduate students opportunities to engage in social and collegiate activities that will strengthen the Appalachian State University experience and identity.


Graduate Student Organizations

Meeting Day
  • Thursday
Meeting Time

5:30 PM

Meeting Location

224 I.G. Greer

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Section 1: Membership

1. The Executive Council consists of the Senate officers.
2. The dean of graduate students serves as the advisor of GSAS.
3. The Vice-President serves as the Ex Officio of GSAS.
Section 1: GSAS Membership Requirements

1. All enrolled graduate students at Appalachian State University are considered eligible for membership.
Section 4: Senators and Alternates in GSAS

1. A senator is an appointed departmental representative and will have one vote in the Senate.
2. An alternate is an appointed departmental representative and may have one vote in the Senate only when the department’s senator is absent. Alternates are encouraged to serve on any committee they wish to serve on and they may also chair committees. Alternates may also hold an office, but their voting registration still remains.

Section 3: Eligibility

1. The Executive Council members are elected by the Senate. The Senate may recall, if necessary, any member of the Executive Council. The recalling of an officer must follow the guidelines as outlined by the By-Laws.
2. The Executive Council may elect one affiliate as an additional member to the council. This person is an additional voice and serves as seen fit by the council for a period of one academic year.

Section 5: Terms for Senators in GSAS

1. Members of the Senate are appointed by the graduate students in their departments for one-year terms and may be re-appointed for as long as they continue to be registered with the graduate school.