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For all those interested in understanding the Taiwanese culture or become involved in the TSO community, we can provide you with what you need. The 2010/2011 E-Board members are as follow:

President : Eric Tsai
Vice President : Jocelyn Cheah
Secretary : Lily Yu
Treasurer : Mia Yen

Major events held during Fall 2010 include Taste of Taiwan 2010 and Bubble Friday. Events in Spring 2011 were Formosa Night 2011, Redbean Soup Fundraiser and Movie Night.

*** UPDATE ***


These are the events that will be held during Fall 2011.
1.) Shaved Ice Fundraiser ---- Date: September 15th, Thursday
2.) National Day ---- Date: October 7th, Friday. (Collaborating with CSSA so far)
3.) Taste of Taiwan ---- Date November 4th, 2011.

Anyone with questions, the organization's email is Otherwise, feel free to contact Eric at or (206) 697-8431.

On behalf of the TSO, we hope you have a great semester!