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Philippine-Americans Reaching Everyone is here for YOU! What is this organization all about? Come to one of our monthly meetings or many events to find out why our group is growing into a greater and closer family! We have something for everyone and you will definitely find your interest within our many committees (performance, sports, programming, pr/design, social events, fundraising, service, media)! You don't have to be Filipino to join -- we like everyone :)

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Portal Information


The main purpose of this organization is to meet the cultural, educational, and social needs of P.A.R.E. members and its surrounding community. It shall be the purpose of this organization to: encourage discussion and seminars in order to promote greater awareness of Filipino/Filipino-American history, and cultural heritage for the edification of its members; to provide information, advice, and counseling to the new members and such other services; to provide a forum in which different issues and ideals may be discussed, defined, and acted upon, and strive to represent the interests of Filipino/Filipino American students as a whole in the University's political processes and society at large; to sponsor such social functions deemed appropriate to increase cohesion, identification, and fellowship among members, their families, and the academic community; to support and promote understanding through education, cultural exchanges, and social activities among Filipino/Filipino-American students, and other student organizations.

P.A.R.E. seeks to educate its members and others of Filipino cultural values as well as spread awareness of current events in the Philippines. P.A.R.E. embraces the Filipino heritage and shares its traditions with the community. P.A.R.E. also strives to help the greater community through active service both within and outside of St. John's University. Members of P.A.R.E. represent different cultures and this diversity strengthens the bonds within the organization.



General Email (for organization)
Meeting Day


Meeting Time

7:00 pm-10:00 pm

Meeting Location


President Name

Erin Baniaga

Vice President Name

Leanne Palisoc

Treasurer Name

Terese Batingana

Secretary Name

Jillian Manicdao

Student Affairs Advisor Name

Ebony Calvin

Student Affairs Advisor Email
Advisor Phone


Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

In order to become a member of PARE, the individual must fulfill four requirements which are stated in the constitution as: filling out the member information form, joining PARE on storm/org sync, attend a total of five meetings, 2 of which must be general body meetings and 1 which must be a cultural workshop, and lastly, the individual must attend one community service event with PARE.