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Welcome to SHRM! 

The ASU Society for Human Resource Management Chapter

We are a student-driven organization dedicated to professionally developing students interested in the area of Human Resources by speaking with experts in the field.

We seek to bring together like-minded individuals to share opinions and learn about a complex, ever-changing area of business, and hope to have engaging discussions with each other and fellow Human Resources professionals.


SHRM will be a preeminent and globally recognized authority whose voice is heard on the most pressing people management issues of the day.


SHRM is a global professional HR organization that exists to:

  • Build and sustain partnerships with and communities for human resource professionals, by leveraging businesses and academic institutions, nongovernmental organizations, governments and media to address people management challenges that influence the effectiveness of the organizations they serve and that positively influence employee engagement.
  • Proactively provide thought leadership, education and research to human resource professionals across business sectors, and serve as an advocate (often collaborating with other organizations) to ensure that policymakers, lawmakers and regulators are aware of key people concerns facing organizations and the human resource profession.

Portal Information


This group seeks to provide professional development opportunities to students interested in Human Resource Management.


Academic & Professional

Meeting Day
  • Tuesday
Meeting Time

5:00 PM

Meeting Location

Peacock Hall 4018

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

The Appalachian State University Student Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management is a student-driven organization dedicated to the professional development of students pursuing careers with related responsibilities in dealing with human resources, personnel administration, training and development, compensation and benefits, consulting, team building, labor relations and various leadership aspects. Formally chartered with the local Society for Human Resource Management chapter and affiliated with the national Society for Human Resource Management chapter, the Student Chapter includes executive officers and relies on guidance from faculty advisors

Membership provides opportunities to form mutually beneficial relationships with HR professionals and to supplement classroom education to better prepare students for careers. ASU-SHRM is great for networking opportunities between students and professionals across the region; at the same time providing information for internships, jobs, scholarships, and mentoring programs. In addition, our chapter engages in community service events. This chapter is open for enrollment to interested students year round.

Students who have chosen HR as a career focus and those who simply want to explore and learn more are welcome. Please check the calendar for our upcoming events!