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The Forensic Science Club is dedicated to educating interested students and community members about forensic science! All majors are welcome. We strive to promote awareness about forensic science through inviting speakers from the SBI, FBI, Watauga Co. Sheriff's Office, campus professors, etc. to talk about what they do as a first-hand source of information about forensics. It's a great way to make contacts and learn more about possible professions!

We also participate in different experiments and activities that one might see in different sections of a crime lab, such as fingerprinting, blood typing, DNA extraction, and more! Every spring we also go to Wilkes Co., where the Wilkes Co. Bomb Squad sets off REAL bombs for us to see!

In addition to these activities, we strive to participate in community service projects as well.


Academic & Professional

Meeting Day
  • Monday
  • Randomly Scheduled throughout Semester
Meeting Time

6:00 PM

Meeting Location

Garwood 421

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

To become an official member of the club (on your co-curricular transcript), you must pay $10 dues per semester and complete a total of 4 service hours by the end of spring semester.