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The mission of Haitian Society at St. John’s University is to provide an environment  of learning and awareness of the Haitian culture and its people. Our purpose is to  establish a positive image of the Haitian people not just on campus but everywhere.  We will provide an outlet for those to voice their concerns and address issues they  wish to change in the African‐American community. As the first Black  nation to gain their independence, we endorse the view that all lives matter. Our  overall drive is to support and enforce a spirit of unity between people of all colors  and nationalities to build up a generation with respect and pride in their heritage.

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The mission of Haitian Society at St. John’s University is to provide an environment of learning and awareness of the Haitian culture and its people. Our purpose is to establish a positive image of the Haitian people not just on campus but everywhere. We will provide an outlet for those to voice their concerns and address issues they wish to change in the Black community. As the first Black nation to gain their independence, we endorse the view that all lives matter. Our overall drive is to support and enforce a spirit of unity between people of all colors and nationalities to build up a generation with respect and pride in their heritage.



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Marillac 324

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Nerlyne Fandal

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Jessica Joseph

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Kalovna K Edmond

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Lonilda Perrin

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Ebony Calvin

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