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The Appalachian Student Chapter of the American Correctional Association (ASCACA) is a professional and academic, student-run organization for students from all majors who share an interest in the criminal justice field.

When you join the ASCACA, you will receive membership to not only the Student Chapter, but also the American Correctional Association (National Organization) and the North Carolina Correctional Association (State Organization). These organizations provide educational and professional development opportunities for corrections and criminal justice professionals, students, faculty and staff.

Members of the ASCACA also have the opportunity to participate in exciting and educational opportunities such as prison visits, court visits, speak with guests from local, state and federal agencies, build relationships with professionals in their area of interest, formal firearms training, explore internship possibilities, and more!

In the past, ASCACA members have also completed research projects and earned course credit while abroad in Russia and Finland, as well as inside of US prisons in California and Louisiana!

If you're interested in the broad field of Criminal Justice, check out the ASCACA and see what we have in store for you!


Academic & Professional

Meeting Day
  • Tuesday
  • Randomly Scheduled throughout Semester
Meeting Time

6:00 PM

Meeting Location

Anne Belk Hall room 110

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

Please list information about the organizations selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

Membership requirements include:

One payment of $40 - this payment ensures ASU Chapter, NCCA, and ACA membership for one calendar year.

Any attendance as stated in the Constitution.