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 Welcome to St. John's Hellenic Society!!! 


Organization's Mission:

This organization’s goals are to create a comfortable environment in which people of Greek culture as well as people interested in Greek culture can build a community within the University where we raise money for charities, go on cultural based trips, and contribute to the University’s cultural diversity and service. 

Our purpose is to foster cultural growth among the Greek youth of St. John's University. It will be a meeting ground at this University where students and faculty of Greek origin can meet, and socialize.

Some Signature Events:
St. Nick's Greek Festival in Flushing, Greek Glendi, Greece vs. Italy Soccer Match, Greek Independence Day Parade, Annual Movie Night

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Portal Information


The Greek Club/Hellenic Society aims to bring together students of Greek heritage as well as those who have an interest in the culture. We want to promote the Hellenic language and culture within St. John's University, Greek, and general communities. We aim to give back to the Greek-American community around us as well as spread our culture on campus and off campus.



General Email (for organization)
Meeting Day


Meeting Time

1:50-3:00 PM

Meeting Location

SJH 304A

President Name

Alexis Volonakis, Anna Diyamandoglu

Vice President Name

Maria Fakatselis

Treasurer Name

Yianni Kintis

Additional Contact Email
Student Affairs Advisor Name

Olga Hilas

Student Affairs Advisor Email
Advisor Phone


Selection Process

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the selection process.

Membership Qualifications
GPA: 2.0