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Join us to create a bridge of Chinese culture in the United States
加入我们,在美国创建华夏文化的桥梁: Jiārù wǒmen, zài měiguó chuàngjiàn huáxià wénhuà de qiáoliáng: 

Portal Information


1. To help provide a deeper insight into Chinese culture to members of other communities.
2. To promote academic endeavors, excellence, and solidarity among its members.
3. To garner respect and curiosity of Chinese culture by sharing cultural activities.
4. To foster a sense of pride and unity by providing Chinese focused cultural, social and educational activities, to look beyond self and actively adapt the past to the present.
5. To enhance the cultural heritage and pride of students of Chinese descent while sharing St. John’s University’s core values.



General Email (for organization)
Meeting Day

Tuesday/ Thursday

Meeting Time

1:50pm - 3:15pm

Meeting Location

Marillac 237

President Name

Sadezia Ulcena

Vice President Name

Shannon Lee

Treasurer Name

Esther Chai

Additional Contact Email
Secretary Name

Jiawen Jiang

Student Affairs Advisor Name

Ebony Calvin

Student Affairs Advisor Email

Director of Campus Activities

Advisor Phone

(718) 990-1357

Faculty Moderator

Bernadette Li