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Caribbean Students Association is a cultural group on St. Johns University campus that brings people of various backgrounds of the Caribbean together. In addition to being a group that is prided on our diversity, we are also all inclusive to the St. John's community. The purpose of Caribbean Student Association is to showcase Caribbean Culture whose roots are not just based on african heritage, but also European, Spanish, Portuguese, Asian and many other influences. With warm hearts and smiling faces, we accept all new comers and embrace them wholeheartedly. With vast committees, you always will find a place for yourself! Join our group, look out for events and link up with other students who may surprisingly have more in common with you than you think. . . no matter where they come from! Hope to see you soon!

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CSA serves as the culture experience that includes all the many influence to come together to encompass Caribbean Identity. Our purpose is bringing together the different Caribbean students of the St. John's University community to engage them in a history of rich cultural heritage. Learn more about other cultures or even your own through great discussion, fun-filled events and general body meetings. As Caribbean people we are united by culture, and only simply divided by water.



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Marillac 329

President Name

Amenkha Sembenu

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none at the moment

Treasurer Name

Seraiah Romero

Secretary Name

Kayla Coles

Student Affairs Advisor Name

Jennifer Nival

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