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Skye McLeod
Feb 9, 2017

February Student Organization of the Month - Animal Rights Alliance

Feb 9, 2017 by Skye McLeod

The February Student Organization of the Month Award goes to Animal Rights Alliance!

Animal Rights Alliance became a new student organization in the Fall of 2016 and has already been of to a successful and busy start. Although the organization accepts all students, the organization was created to serve as a space safe for vegan and vegetarian students to share their views with each other, connect over shared moral and ethical interests, and help promote the cause of animal rights across campus with faculty, staff, and students. This past semester ARA hosted two speakers, led a positive animal rights messages chalking event, tailgated by offering free vegan food at USA’s homecoming football game, and gave out candy with animal rights messages on them at the Student Center -- all within their first semester as an organization. Specifically, this past December Animal Rights Alliance hosted Catherine Besch, a former USA student and current director of an animal rights organization, farm sanctuary, vet training clinic, and rescue in Hoi An, Vietnam. She spoke about what animal rights activism looks like in Vietnam and how her group works in the global social movement of animal rights.

ARA is currently working with Dining Services to implement more vegan-friendly foods at the Fresh Food Company that would be helpful for not just vegans, but also for students who have dairy and egg allergies. Animal Rights Alliance plans to lead the way at USA to serve as a connection between the University and local animal rescue groups. The ARA intends to help guide students, faculty, and staff towards more ethical dietary choices they can make on a daily basis.

The Animal Rights Alliance has been an extremely active group over the past semester and exemplifies great involvement on campus and within the community by a student organization. The Office of Student Activities is proud to name them the February Student Organization of the Month.


Heather Dail

Awesome group! Thanks for the acknowledgment!

Phiwat Klomkaew

Good job!