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Skye McLeod
Jun 29, 2016

The Violence Prevention Alliance is looking for our next group of Bro Code Facilitators!

Jun 29, 2016 by Skye McLeod

The Violence Prevention Alliance is looking for our next group of Bro Code Facilitators!

Who: Undergraduate and Graduate Students who identify as male 

What: Students who are nominated or apply as a facilitator will have a short interview with a representative from Rape Crisis  and must agree to have a criminal background check completed (Please note this check is free to the student). 

Bro Code is a program sponsored by the Violence Prevention Alliance that invites students who identify as male to come together to learn bystander intervention and to have conversations about ending violence on campus.

Accepted facilitators will commit to being trained by Mobile Rape Crisis. This training will take between 2-3 hours and is required of all facilitators regardless of past completion. Once training is complete, facilitators will attend two events where they will co-lead small groups in discussions around sexual assault, bystander intervention and healthy relationships. 


Bro Code facilitators are:

Students motivated to have conversations about ending sexual violence

Students who are considered role models or who other male identified students may look up to

Students can be student leaders in formal leadership roles but can also be students who lead in the classroom or other areas of their lives 

Students who have time to complete the training session and attend two events (September 27 & Oct 4 with a possibility of two additional events)

Student must be in good standing with the University with no severe disciplinary record or criminal record for Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Harassment or other crime included in the University's Sexual Misconduct Policy


Apply here


For questions, please email 


To nominate a fellow student: