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Welcome to African Students Association!!!
Meetings: Marillac 315 at 1:50pm-3:15pm on select Mondays & Thursday
Since its inception nearly twenty years ago, the African Students Association of St. John's University has represented some of the best students on campus by focusing on the current issues facing Africa today as well as the influence on western and non-western culture in our contemporary world. Each new general body meeting brings a bigger and better discussion. So, please come out to our meetings and events to enjoy some great company and enjoy African Students Association of St. John's University!
2017 - 2018 Executive Board:
President: Edward T. Chukwura '19
Executive Vice President: Jacquie Abraham '20
Treasurer: Alexandria Collazo '19
Secretary: Larissa Kukapa '19
Chair of Public Relations: --
Chair of Community Service: --
Event Planner

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African Students' Association is dedicated to developing cultural, social, intellectual and academic diversity through educating about and celebrating the African continent. African Students' Association strives to bring hope to the hopeless, help to the needy and comfort to the troubles of Africa and the United States, as part of our Vincentian duty.



General Email (for organization)
Meeting Day

Select Mondays & Thursdays

Meeting Time

1:50PM - 3:15PM (Common Hour)

Meeting Location

MAR 315

President Name

Edward T. Chukwura

Vice President Name

Jacqueline Abraham

Treasurer Name

Alexandria Collazo

Secretary Name

Larissa Kukapa

Faculty Moderator

Dr. Konrad Tuchscherer & Dr. Philip Misevich