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MGT Society

The Management Society strives to prepare its members to become successful leaders in the ever-changing business world. Our fivefold mission seeks to accomplish the goals of:

Education - Our educational initiatives will offer the means of understanding and adopting the culture and language of the modern-day business environment. We will equip our members with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need in order to become young professionals.

Opportunity - Our networking initiatives will provide a dynamic setting for applying skills and gaining practical experience in the business field. This will begin the establishment of a strong connection among students, faculty, alumni, and business professionals.

Leadership - Our programs will aim at challenging members to dream big, overcome limitations and bring endeavors to completion. We shall make all efforts to develop the members' capacity to lead, and become a positive influence in society.

Friendship - Our commitment to the members of the Management Society will strive to secure the bonds of friendship and understanding. We will encourage open communication, positive thinking, and productive relationships among members.

Integrity - Our approach will promote and cultivate a sense of business professionalism, integrity and ethically sound behavior, based on civility, respect, and dedication to the work done. We shall advocate the appreciation of cultural diversity and uniqueness of character.

Our example will reach out to and be representative of the larger St. John's Community in accordance to the University's Catholic, Vincentian, and Metropolitan Mission

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