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Welcome Montclair State University Students!  

Africa is one of the most diverse and interesting continent on this earth. Africa is known for their incredible variety of people, animal and resources. The history of Africa is an incredible work of art being that Africa is where the first humans beings appeared on earth and home of the world’s first greatest civilization, Egypt, dating back to 3300 BC. If you are looking for a place to meet awesome people, learn about Africa and embrace culture come out to NASO!   Native African Student Organization is an on campus organization at Montclair State University! As an organization our purpose is to serve the student body by promoting the different African cultures, learning different aspects of Africa as a whole and discovering ways to reconfigure and connect the diaspora and Africa together. We take pride in displaying the African cultures in a positive light and enjoy bringing the student body together by embracing the African culture.

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The purpose of the Native African Student Organization is to influence, preserve, and educate the university community on the African diaspora. As an organization we hope to shed light on different countries in Africa by displaying it through its rich culture. We believe that through the exposure of different African cultures we will be able to unite people from all over the African continent and abroad.


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